Research, Development and Innovation

Since 1982

The short experience had in the motorbike helmet industry gave its results and on February 1982 was constituted our company. In less than a decade we had the basis needed to start projecting and realizing in complete autonomy our own products with Mango brand, that settled trend and made history in helmet industry for bike, ski, climbing and other sport disciplines.
Safety, Quality, Design
In these tree words it’s focused the Mango team philosophy, to give our best in order to develop our products through the best technologies applied to research of innovative materials and solutions, preserving the real MADE IN ITALY.
Looking back in our history and seeing the innovations and anticipations the Mango team projected and proposed to customers, is the concrete proof that our project is forceful and efficient and it also shows how our passion for our work grew with us over the years.

100% Made in Italy

 We are proud to attest that our products are made in Italy, to guarantee our consumers maximum quality and safety. All our products are studied and projected internally with vanguard techniques, turning our helmets unique and unmistakable, as the real Italian style.